Create and manage pickup location

1. Create a new pickup address

Step 1: At Shippo main interface, you click “Personal page”, then select the link “List of pick-up address”.


  •      Shippo will show “List of pick-up address” at bottom right of screen.



        Step 2: To create a pick-up address, click the Create button



  • After that, you will be taken to the Create New Pick-up Address screen



Step 3:

  •      At the screen to create a new address, please enter the full and accurate information as follows:
    • Contact Name: You need to enter the name of the responsible person here so Shippo can contact when picking up.
    • Contact phone number: Please enter the phone number.
    • City / Province – Address: Please enter the exact address of the shipment you wish Shippo to pick up.


  • After entering the full and accurate information, click the Create button to complete the procedure to create a pick-up address. The system will issue the message: “Successfully create a pick-up address”. You need to notice the message to know that you have successfully created the pick-up address.

2. Pick-up Address management

2.1 Edit the pick-up address

Step 1: On the List of pick-up address screen, click on the icon icon1


Step 2: Right now, you will be transfered to interface to edit the pick-up address. You can edit all information of this address. After fixing, please click button Change to Shippo save the information you have just edited.




2.2 Delete the address

  Step 1: On the list of pick-up address, click on the iconicon2


                Step 2: Shippo will confirm your request by giving notice. Please click on the button to delete this address


  • After confirming “Agree” to delete this address, Shippo will show you a screen saying that you have: “Successfully delete the pick-up address”