How to create waybill in Shippo


Step 1: Log in

At the website:, Shop please click the “LOGIN” button on the right hand side of the screen.


  • Then, the login screen is displayed, Shop please enter email (username) and password registered at Shippo to login to your account.

Step 3: Fill in the waybill information:

Shop kindly select, fill in the information: the pick-up address, information of recipients, goods, service packages that Shops select:

Pickup Address: Please fill the pick-up address. If you do not have, you can create one here. Note: Currently Shippo only supports the pick-up points in intra-Manila

Pick-up note: Shop creates a note for Shippo staff when picking up the item at the pick up address. For example: bulky goods, …

Name and surname of the consignee: Name of consignee

Telephone number: Please enter the full and correct phone number of the consignee.

Province / City and District / Department: Delivery Select Province / City and District / District

Delivery address details: Enter the house number, alley, street receiving goods

Night delivery: Click night delivery if the Shop wishes night delivery

Day delivery address (if the daylight delivery fails) When the shop creates a night delivery, Shop can enter the daylight delivery address in the case Shippo night delivery to the Shop failed. In case of not entering the daylight delivery address, Shippo will return the goods to the recipient address entered by Shop when the application form

Note Delivery: Shops create note for Shippo staff when delivery. For example: the recipient can only receive goods during office hours ……

Tracking number / Private Note: This is a separate note of Shop for this order. Shippo’s employees will not be able to view this information.

Shipping Plan: Choose the shipping package for your order. By default, waybills to the intra cities and districts are used in the STC Package. An inter-provincial express transfer using SCN or STK Package.

Weight: Weight of the order. Shop uses “.” decimal separator

Receipts (COD): Receipts

Use insurance of Value of goods: When the shop needs to use insurance for goods, please click “Use insurance” and enter the value of the goods.

Payee: If the shop wants the consignee to pay the shipping cost please click “Payee”

Note: – Currently, Shippo has stopped the interprovincial delivery package, only support the delivery of intra-Manila.

– Provides night delivery service with unchanged shipping charges

After completing the information, Shop click “CREATE WAYBILLS” button to complete the order creation process.


Waybill have been created will show on top of the “Waybill List”