How to create waybills with Excel

If you need to create a lot of waybills at the same time, Shop can choose the function Create waybills by Excel (use excel file to load the bill on the system), so Shop can manage and save time when creating orders.

Step 1: Select the function “CREATE WAYBILLS”


Step 2: Then, click on the tab “CREATE WAYBILLS BY EXCEL”


Step 3: If it is the first time to create waybills by excel, Shop need to download the excel file template by clicking on the download link template file:


Step 4: Shops open the excel file and fill in your order information according to Shippo instructions at the instruction sheet of this excel file.


Step 5: After entering the order information into the excel file, upload this excel file to the Shippo system:

  • In the interface Create Waybills by excel, Shop click select “Select file upload”
  • After successfully uploading the file, the system will display a notice message to the shop


Step 6: Check results of creating waybills by excel file:

After you upload the excel file to the system 1-2 minutes, Shippo will send the result of creating waybills by excel file to the shop’s email. Please check mail to check the results of creating your waybills.