Manage detailed waybills on the Overview tab


  • Step 1: To log into your registered account, please follow these steps:
    • If you do not have a Shop account can register by the instructions here
    • Please visit the link to the Shippo login page:

Figure 1.1 The Shop login screen

  • The login screen is displayed, Shop please enter email (username) and password registered at Shippo to login to your account.
  • Once successfully logged in, the system automatically accesses the Shop’s ‘Waybills List’.

Figure 1.2 Shop’s Waybills List screen

  • Step 2: Shop click on “Tracking numbers” to view details of the selected waybills.
  • Waybill details include: sender, recipient, shipping package, pickup notes, delivery notes, store personal notes and financial information of the waybills.

Figure 1.3 Detail of waybill

  • Note: – Shop can edit “Personal Notes” in all status – Shop please correct all information in the bill details including “Overview” tab of the sender information, receiver, shipping package, pickup note, delivery and personal notes. Shop can edit “Personal Notes” in all states
  • To correct the information and the sender, the receiver, the shipping package, note taken, note the Shop delivery do the following:
  • Step 1: Shop click “Edit” in the Overview tab of the Waybill Details

    Figure 2.1 Shop click the ‘Edit’ button in the waybill details screen

    When Shop click “Edit” will display the following screen to Shop information about the sender, receiver, transport package

    Figure 2.2 The screen edits the recipient, sender, and carrier information

    Shops choose the delivery packages, there are 2 inter-provincial transportation packages: (SCN) (STK), the shipping package will default to (STC) ‘

    Figure 2.3. Update screen and select shipping packageStep 2: Shop please enter information about the sender, receiver, shipping package that Shop want to edit, click “Save” button to save the corrected information.

    Figure 2.4 The Shop screen saves the editted information

The system displays a message that saves the changes successfully

The system then turns back to the Waybill Details screen

– Edit pick-up notes, delivery notes, other notes

  • Step 1: Shop click on the Edit icon is the pen to edit NotesFigure 2.5 Shop Waybill Detail ScreenStep 2: After clicking on the pen icon to edit, please enter the content “notes”.

    Shop press the Enter button to go down in the content section.

    Figure 2.6 Enter Note Contents screenStep 3: Shop click the ‘Save’ button to save the shop information just input

    If you would like to edit your financial information, please click here