How to check finance of each waybill

First, log in to your Shippo account at:

If you do not have a Shippo account, please register here.

If you have an account and have orders on Shippo please follow the steps below to check your waybill.

Step 1: Select an order in the order list.

Step 2: Click on “Finance”.

  • Section “1” click on finance section
  • Section  “2” shows the COD number (which is the amount collected by Shippo, if there is no need to collect, the value will be “0”).
  • Section  “3” indicates the amount of shipping charge for this order (ex, 18,000VND is the shipment amount of the order), also represents the subject of the ship charge (here the status is “Shop pays” which means the sender will have to pay this amount of “18,000NVD” to Shippo.
  •  Item “4” is the final value of the order “Vd: 315.000VND-18.000VND = 297.000VND”, “green” represents a sum of money for order (After deducting shipping fee, Shippo is holding customer the amount is “297,000NVD,” “red” represents the amount of money that customers need to pay with Shippo.