About Us

Inspired by the friendly and kind-hearted bear called Po in Kungfu Panda, Shippo wishes to include those values in our delivery service. More than that, Shippo understands the need and dedication to solve the difficulties of merchandise delivering.

" Each Shippo would be a Shop’s Service Ambassador. "

Hotline: 0915 091 6356 - 0945 425 4952. Email: ph.support@shippo.ph


Shippo supports, not only the shipment of your products, but also takes care of your packing needs and customer care.

Our mission

We aim to bring joy to everyone with every package delivered. We carry the prestige of your Shop in each delivery.



Metro Manila next day delivery.

Transfer COD 3 times per week.

Schedule a pick up, print waybills, check delivery status: Online!


Free COD service.

Discounted by order quantity.

Free pouches.


Place bulk orders online with excel file.

Free pick-up.

Directly chat with Shippo on each order.

Shippo Mobile App

With a well-designed experience on both the Android and iOS operating systems, you can choose the right version for your mobile phone.

App mockup